Smart picnic table: study, work, meet, recharge!

A picnic table is a great place to meet people and where you can work or study comfortably. The InfraMarks solar picnic table is a smartly designed picnic table with USB connections that allow people to charge their mobile devices. Everyone can sit quietly, enjoy 4G internet at lightning speed and at the same time charge their smartphone, tablet or camera. If you are considering the purchase of a picnic table, the Smart solar picnic table with USB is a great innovative solution. It only works on clean solar energy; this energy is stored and is available 24/7.

Working, studying or just relaxing, it can all be done on this modern picnic table with USB connections, which also has two wireless Qi chargers for wireless charging of smartphones. Recent iPhone and Samsung smartphones are being charged by putting them on the table alone!

Smart solar picnic set

This specific picnic table with USB and WiFi meets your needs

Sounds great, right? Do you already have an idea how the Smart Solar picnic table will look like in your area? It is available in any RAL color, so you can choose any color that matches your city, university, or corporate colors. The Smart solar picnic table with USB and WiFi has many functions and is easily placed – ready to use in no time! To get an idea of what the picnic set looks like, view the photos below.

Are you curious about maintenance? This picnic table is resistant to weather and vandalism and only needs to be checked once a year.

Charging electric bikes, scooters and mobility scooters

In addition to charging Smartphones and tablets, it is also possible to equip the solar picnic table with 230V sockets for charging electric bikes. The Smart solar picnic table for charging electric bikes has a large battery capacity, so that every day at least 12 electric bikes, scooters and scooters can be charged, all on 100% solar energy!

Wouldn’t it be great to introduce people to this innovative form of sustainable energy? The Smart solar picnic table is an upgrade of your outdoor area and meets all the needs of our modern society. If you consider how many people use a smartphone or tablet every day, you already know that this picnic table with USB connections will be used a lot.