• Hybrid solar bench

A solar bench is powered by the solar panel. For places where the number of hours of daylight is very low, in Northern areas, for example, the solar bench can be equipped with a hybrid option. The batteries of the bench can be additionally recharged at night via the street lighting for instance in order to have sufficient power during the day.

  • Air quality sensor

The solar bench is a standalone product that generates energy in the public space. How convenient would it be to use this energy for more things than for charging smartphones and WiFi. The air quality sensor measures the quality of the air, such as CO2 and the percentage of particulate matter that is in the air. The measured value is stored in the cloud and can be viewed via an online portal.

  • Internal 4G WiFi router

Enjoy 4G Internet and simultaneously charge your phone or tablet. Wouldn’t it be great that when you sit down to relax on the Smart solar bench that you can enjoy a fast 4G WiFi internet connection? Wherever the solar bench is installed, fast 4G WiFi internet is available. Customers can see through an online portal how often the Wi-Fi connection of the solar bench is used, what the busy times are, the ratio of new vs returning visitors and so on. Privacy sensitive information of users will not be shown.

  • Choice of any RAL color

The smart solar bench comes in white. But it is available in every RAL color, so you can pick any color to match your city or company colours.

  • Power management app for iPhone and Android

Do you want to know how many phones or Ipads has been charged with the smart solar bench, or maybe you want to know how much power has been generated in the last 30 days? That’s possible! Just add the power management application to get all the information you need.