Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a solar bench?
    With the solar bench it’s possible to charge mobile devices by USB ports or wireless with Qi technology. The solar bench also provides a free WiFi Hotspot due the internal 4G internet router.
  • Do you need to connect the solar bench to a traditional AC power supply?
    No, the solar bench works completely autonomous (standalone) due the high efficient solar panel.
  • How many wireless chargers does the solar bench have?
    2 Wireless chargers, one at each end of the bench.
  • How much USB ports does the solar bench have?
    It has 4 USB ports to charge Smartphones, tablets or other devices with USB ports.
  •  What is the size of the solar bench?
    220 x 50 x 60 cm (length x wide x height)
  • How much does the solar bench weight?
    140 KG
  • In which color can the solar bench be made?
    Any RAL color!
  • How does the wireless charger work?
    If your phone is capable to charge wireless you just need to place your phone on the Qi wireless charger and charging starts automatically.
  • How does the internet function?
    The solar bench has a build in wireless 4G WiFi router. The solar bench will be delivered without internet subscription.
  • What is the reach of the WiFi signal?
    10-20 meters around the solar bench.
  • Is it possible to switch off the solar bench on certain times?
    Yes, we can add a 7 day/night timer to the solar bench so it automatically switches off.
  • Does the solar bench needs maintenance?
    We advise maintaining the solar bench ones a year. The solar bench will be professional cleaned (inside and out) and the electrical parts will be checked.
  • What is the warranty on the solar bench?
    2 years
  • How vandal proof is the solar bench?
    It’s designed and made especially for outdoor purpose. All the parts are tested and certified vandal proof, if the solar bench is damaged, all the parts can be easily replaced.

Any questions left? Feel free to contact us!